Tim Buwick.

About Tim Buwick
Tim's personal mission & purpose statement is, “To leave footprints on another person’s heart by creating stick-to-your-ribs moments that are infused by light, laughter, and love.”

He fulfills his PMP in a wide spectrum of environments:

· As an author through his books

· As a speaker through his messages

· As a podcaster through his episodes

· As a communications creator through video, audio, and written transmission

· As a coach, whether it is in a personal, professional or athletic setting

· As an emcee and announcer at public events

· As a human through mutually sharing the mountaintop and valley experiences of life together

Whatever the setting, Tim's passion is helping individuals and organizations find their purpose and activate it to maximum effect. He draws upon his experience of over three decades in a variety of industries where he has "seen it all" in a rollercoaster ride of scintillating highs and crushing lows. He's been hired, and he's been fired. He has hired and he's had to fire. He's led, managed, sold, promoted, marketed, written, communicated, television anchored & reported, wrote and performed commercials, emceed, announced and interviewed legends…just to name a few.

He has spoken to countless audiences around the world where he has interviewed and emceed events featuring some to sports brightest stars such as Roger Federer, two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry, Australian tennis legend John Newcombe, cultural icon Billie Jean King and tennis stars as John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, John Isner, Grigor Dimitrov, Gael Monfils and many others.

As the father of four adult children, Tim has discovered that "work-life balance" is a myth. It's only managed. It's all life. Through it all, Tim has learned that Winston Churchill's quote is indeed true: “What you get makes you a living. What you give makes you a life.”

His life is dedicated to breathing life into yours. He looks forward to that opportunity with you.

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