Event Emcee
"The Master of Ceremonies is often the difference between 'It's over already?' and 'Thank God it's over!'"

The most common complaint heard at meetings, conferences and banquets is, "It ran so long! I thought it would never end!" There's two major reasons for this: 1) It DID run long, and 2) It only felt like it ran long because it was so boring. The event emcee often times has the ability to make, or break, an event.  

Many people have been to countless awards banquets, conferences and meetings. They often bore quickly, jaded and cynical from a long career of, shall we say, less than riveting events.   

Tim Buwick has suffered through these painfully dull gatherings...too many of them count. He is passionate about not wanting others to suffer through the same fate.  

Your event emcee must energetic and engaging, able to seamlessly connect each piece of content together and make it seem to flow perfectly, even when there is completely different elements or unplanned circumstances arise.    

Tim has the ability to immediately connect with his audience. He's relatable and authentic with a unique ability to communicate using humor generously and appropriately.  

 Here is what Tim will deliver to your next event: 

  • The ability to keep your audience fully engaged, reminding them of the importance of what has taken place and what's coming up. 
  •  Proper timing and flow of the event. 
  • Effectively "reading the room" to achieve the right emotional balance. 
  • Captivating intro's and outro's of speakers to maximize their credibility.
  • Smooth transitions of elements for a professional presentation. 
  • A charismatic personality that adds to, not subtract from the objective of the event.