Turn your "whatever" into...


Turn your blahs into ahhs to ignite maximum success!

Are you lacking the energy that you once had? Is your life and work missing passion & purpose? Are you asking yourself the question: "So what do I do now?"

If this sounds like you or someone you know, help is on the way!

Don't let another day to go waste!

Have you ever said, "It feels like something is missing from my life?" Are you spending way too much time doing things that don’t matter, that make no difference to anyone, anywhere?

The average lifespan is only 28,809 days.

That’s not a lot, especially when you subtract the number of days you’ve already lived. Each one is precious. I created the M5 Method of Self-Discovery so that your best days will be in your future, not in your past. It’s time to strike the match so that you can get the best out of life.

Inside this book, you will find the path and the process that will help you find your passion & purpose!

✔️ Learn how the M5 Method turns lingering apathy into perpetual energy.

✔️ Discover 5 reasons why you may be feeling blase ... and what to do about it.

✔️ Learn how to find your mission and purpose in life.

✔️ Find out how to build an army that will support your mission and purpose.

✔️ Learn the benefits of having "Aspirational Models" in your life.

✔️ Discover how to find the sparks within you that will drive your passion.

✔️ Learn what you need to do to increase your level of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

✔️ Discover the 6 principles to live by to keep you ABLAZE, regardless of your circumstances.

Here’s what business leaders are saying

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"Tim has continually challenged myself and others to build, and lead, a great company around a great culture. Tim tests you to take a good long look at yourself in an honest and constructive way. To be a great leader, we must lead ourselves first before we can lead others. This book will help you do that. Tim's experience, passion, communication and research sets him apart. This is why Blase 2 ABLZE is a must read book."

John Owens
CEO Primis Mortgage Company, author of the book The Corporate Cure
rick k..jpg

"Tim shows us in Blase 2 ABLAZE how a positive attititude and a great sense of humor can help all of us in the face of life's toughest challenges. His gift in the lost art of storytelling takes daily events and gives us inspiration. Tim's approach to life, combined with his practical advice, make this a most enjoyable and meaningful read. You'll appreciate his wit and optimism, especially during these most difficult times!"

Rick Kerpsack
President, Tennis Warehouse, Inc.

"With so many options today to choose from for self-help books, guides, apps and devices, Tim Buwick's book, Blase 2 ABLAZE offers a refreshing outlook and perspective, on how to handle the ups and downs of navigating being your best! His humor, raw wit, overall knowledge and engaging style will "light and fire you" in a way to blaze you in to action. Don't waste your time pining over the many motivational choices out there, just dig into Buwick's book and come out with tools that will last you and inspirational lifetime!"

Darcel Dillard-Suite
President, Full Circle Health, New York, NY
brenda knapp.png

"A mantra for positivity, focus and personal growth. Master storyteller Tim Buwick takes the hot topics of Mindset shift and Habit Change, and breaks them down into actionable steps that are simple (not easy) and compelling - he even makes you laugh along the way. A wonderful bluepint for those who want to show up and lead with more intentionality and joy."

Brenda Knapp
President, Knapp Development Group

"Tim's book should be renamed 'The Handbook for Life!' Everyone needs to read this. Not just adults. It should be passed out in every school. Tim is relatable and honest. He intuitively understands the human spirit and condition, writing in such a way that resonates and connects. As I was reading, I found myself saying so many times 'He's right!' He helped put things into perspective for me. His fire analogy is simply brilliant!"

Linda Montalbano
Vice President, Graff Retail, Toronto Canada
jill shroyer.jpg

"Tim writes as if he is speaking directly from the heart to yours. This book is a necessary read on how to stay positive in a negative world. Tim's wisdom is timeless, and timely, especially during times like these. Whenever you need perpective and the spark to go with it..pick-up Blase 2 ABLAZE."

Jill Shroyer
Author of the book Conquer Sticky Situations, Founder & CEO, Expedition HR